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Sunday, November 18, 2007
the cheese
I am being stalked by a grilled cheese cookbook from within the multnomah county library system. (the cookbook is calling from inside the house!) First it was on the paging list. I was derisive. "Grilled cheese cookbook? you have got to be kidding me!" Then, of course, I opened it to have a look to see what part of 'put cheese between bread and fry' was in need of further explanation and was immediately overwhelmed by the soft-focus grilled cheese porn within. It has shown up at almost every branch I've worked -- either as a hold I'm processing, as a book someone has returned or as a book someone brings to the desk. It is becoming the inexorable sandwich. I can now spot the cover from 50 yards and it instantly makes me hungry. I don't even particularly LIKE grilled cheese. Perhaps I've been cursed by a cheese pixie. (Are there cheese pixies? I feel like there should be.)

the middle of the day movie club
Usually I don't watch TV during the day. For the past few years my schedule has been elastic and erratic; I knew that if I started watching anything during the day my standards would start slipping and before I knew it I'd be screaming at Dr. Phil, sobbing about that poor woman (you know the one) on Oprah or watching 100 Shocking Moments in Heavy Metal (again) on VH1. Like any good rule, there are exceptions -- in this case I have three TV during the day allowances: 1) illness 2) disaster (natural or otherwise) 3) sewing.

Now that my schedule is slightly more rigid, I find myself willing to bend on my daytime TV stance. The latest allowance may be my favorite: watching movies that have subtitles or otherwise demand more attention than I might be able to give them sitting on the couch at the end of the day. I'll admit that time pressure is a factor as well -- almost all of my MotDMC movies have been ones that I had to wait a long time for from the library and could not renew, yet had been putting off because I never felt quite ready to watch them.

Last week was Band Of Outsiders which ... !!! (!!!) I really liked it, but need to see it again and think about it some more before I can articulate (even to myself) the reasons why. But one reason requires no further thought -- The Madison! The day I watched it the sun was shining, my lunch was delicious and then came along that Madison. It was a good afternoon, I tell you what.

I know it would dilute the impact to wish that EVERY movie had the Madison in it, but I don't think it's asking too much for at least one movie a year! Right?? Here's a youtube clip from Hairspray (1988) with "It's Madison Time."

11 comments on "madison with grilled cheese"
  1. Um, I have the grilled cheese cookbook. In fact, we are dining out of it tonight.

  2. YOU ARE FREAKING ME OUT, Anonymous T! (what this obviously means is that you need to invite me over for some future grilled cheese dining!)

  3. I am not big on cheese or sandwiches, but I love that the book is following you. I wonder what it is trying to tell you?
    I love watching the dancing in Hairspray so much. It makes me wish, at times, that people would break into song and/or dance. Life would be oh so charming and sweet. Or just plain crazy.

  4. And by the way, the smoked turkey, taleggio, gorgonzola and apple sandwich was outstanding!

  5. bbd, I know!! What is the deal with the book? Maybe the lesson it is trying to teach me (as Anonymous T's comment below reinforces) is that my concept of grilled cheese was unnecessarily narrow. I totally agree on the sweetness/crazy of life being a musical. I don't know if it would be sustainable for long without loosing ones mind, but it would be interesting for a few hours anyway.

    anonymous t -- that sounds really delicious. I hope you made an extra one for me!

  6. BAND is on my Top 10 Desert Island movies list. The Madison lives!!!

  7. hooray! I am enjoying the thought of the Madison being danced on a Desert Island, although that then opens up the notion of the Top 10 Desert Island Dances which is a list I would really have to think about. (the Madison would be on it, needless to say.)

    Anonymous T. -- seriously. I need that sandwich!

  8. I just rented Cry-Baby and I am excited to watch it. It has been years since I have seen it but I seem to remember musical numbers. But first I think I am going to watch Sicko. Cry-Baby is my reward.

  9. Hooray for Cry-Baby! That movie cracks me up and that's no lie. They don't do the Madison in that one (I don't think) but there is plenty else to recommend it. (... like Cry-Baby Walker having a grudge against electricity since his father was killed in the electric chair for being the Alphabet Bomber.)

  10. Well, as usual, I did not watch the movie I rented, Cry-Baby, so now the mood has walked on by. I will be off to the video store soon to find something that fits my increasingly unpleasant mood and then actually watch it. Anything to avoid Family Guy. I just can't stand it. I dislike it in the way I dislike kids and their rock & roll...Maybe I will check out Auntie Mame if they have it. That always melts me in so mnay good ways.

  11. You could always try Band of Outsiders! I found it elevating in unexpected ways.


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