I'm not there either (because they were out of tickets!)

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Monday, November 26, 2007
I got myself put together yesterday and dragged my carcass downtown to the ONE TINY THEATER (technically it is a cineplex with many theaters, but they are ALL TINY) that is showing I'm Not There and it sold out three people in front of me. Oh, the injustice! Oh, if only I hadn't tried to find street parking before giving up and going to the garage! (if I'd had my act together I would have taken the train, but there wasn't time.) As you might imagine, I have been whining about this for (now) 23 hours or so. It has been rightly pointed out to me that if I got the LAST ticket sold, I probably would have had to sit in some wretched hard to see from spot, or had to sit next to the smelly guy or whatever. I would have done it, though! My revised plan is to see it sometime this week. In all honesty, I should have left earlier considering it was Sunday and the Sunday of a holiday weekend on top of that. (BUT STILL.)

It's not all terrible news -- I was able to initiate my new Pay Artists Directly Whenever Possible Campaign by giving a busker by the train/garage a dollar. (he was really good and I always want to do it, but I am always too embarrassed because people LOOK AT YOU when you do. However, these sorts of things are part of my Grow Or Die aka It's Not Always About You, Jen campaign. I am running many campaigns right now. It's exhausting.) I'm not saying it was related, but after I made my contribution to the arts and retrieved my car, I didn't have to pay anything because I was parked for such a short period of time.
3 comments on "I'm not there either (because they were out of tickets!)"
  1. Beware of good deeds. Or even nice deeds. I started my wrapping paper today and thought I did everything right. Well, I had to replace the ironing board cover. Maybe I was sort of sponsoring the arts by making my own paper? My aunt asked me why I didn't just buy it since they do sell it in so many places. That was very helpful.

  2. key that you have probably already figured out for any waxed paper craft: lots of newspaper is your friend.

    I can't wait to see your wrapping paper!

  3. Newspaper? I used a pillowcase. On the top part. But the crayon wax went through the paper, or not really through...I think it just stained the cover, but I would hate for Erichs shirts to get all purply. So you are saying newspaper between a pillowcase and wax paper and between wax paper and cover? That makes sense.


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