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Thursday, November 01, 2007
batman available for parties
I cannot believe it is november already! I've been trying to think of songs with November in the title and all I come up with is November Rain by those guys, but when I try to think of how it goes I always end up back at Purple Rain by Prince. My brain is trying to protect me, I think, except it is stuck in some weird Axl/Purple Rain hybrid place right now which is ... not entirely unpleasant, but I don't want to live there.

exciting things about november:

It is not last november! (whiny details redacted)

nanowrimo! I was on the fence, but when I ran my carefully constructed reasons for not doing it this year by my finely tuned bullshit detector, they all failed. Sometimes external pressure is necessary. This is extremely gentle external pressure and I still really don't know what I'll do, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm selecting from the Fly By The Seat of Your Pants menu, mostly because it is TOO LATE to select from the Execute PreArranged Plan menu. The worst thing that happens is that I write a bunch of crap that nobody else has to read. The best thing that happens -- who knows?! It's wide open. If I get even one good idea, that would be worth it.

I worked at a new to me branch today, which I loved! I now have another location on my list of "hooray!" which brings that list to 3.5. There are 1.5 on the "okay, sure" list and just one (so far) on the "only if a supervillain is threatening adorable babies and kittens and the only way to save them is to endure X hours there" list.

Russian Ark! I processed two copies of this movie today, which was funny because it had come up in conversation recently (by conversation here I mean me in an unstoppable harangue of have you seen it yet?? Why Not?!, which I would feel kind of bad about, except the person I was talking to would LOVE IT if only they would listen to my sensible advice). I was thinking that I would check one of them out and watch it again, but they were snatched out from under my greedy fingers by library patrons. I'll have to put it on hold. I've just seen it once, and that was in the theater several years ago. I know it's probably not to everyone's taste, but I found the combination of the Hermitage, History, Russia and the dizzying non-stop motion to be exciting in the way that many of my favorite things are -- I'm not sure what's going on, but I look forward to finding out, even though I'll never know it all! I like that there's so much to take in, I like that the full meaning isn't instantly available. Three word review by a friend: "It's fucking poetry."

I get my hair cut tomorrow! It's so long it is making me nutty. Nuttier. It is driving me crazy in ways I do not enjoy. I still don't know how I'll have it cut (nano is not the only thing for which I am unprepared), but I'm in winging it mode. (although I must note that I do not want any hairstyle that involves "feathers" or "wings.")
7 comments on "purple november rain"
  1. No feathers or wings? What a fuddy duddy...but you could always inquire about a purple rinse, right? That would at least tie into Purple Rain. As far as songs with November in the title? I have no idea.

  2. I'm telling you, take the middle road - chin length flapper hair!

  3. No offense, bbd, but I think I might be going with martina on this one. Or I could get my fuddy duddy flapper costume ready for next halloween!

  4. Fine. Whatever. Maybe when you are an old woman you will wear purple hair?

  5. Are you seriously implying that you can't remember the tune of November Rain from Roller Derby Night?

    Tsk Tsk...channel your inner Axl

  6. I reserved Russian Ark. I liked the library description. Sort of.

  7. when I am an old woman I am going to wear purple hair and hats to tall I can't wear them in a car! Or maybe I'm going to do that tomorrow.

    anonymous t -- all I can think of is November Pain (she skates so fast!) and Welcome to the Jungle. It's like hysterical amnesia!

    bbd -- have fun with the Ark! If it bugs you, you could just mute it and fast forward to watch russian history EVEN FASTER.


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