beware stairs, bears and leeches

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Happy Halloween!

Here is a site where you can visually remind yourself of every letter the Gashlycrumb alphabet.

Here is a site that links to various Gorey fonts.

Here is a site concerning all things Edward Gorey.

Here be an embedded video of the gorey inspired color-saturated creepy mansion and hedge maze (!!!) having gothy and glorious NIN video for The Perfect Drug:

And here are the tinies themselves! (text only) I am embarrassed to note that I got at least two names wrong when I used this for Halloween cards last year. (Winnie and Prue, I apologize.)

A is for AMY who fell down the stairs
B is for BASIL assaulted by bears
C is for CLARA who wasted away
D is for DESMOND thrown out of a sleigh
E is for ERNEST who choked on a peach
F is for FANNY sucked dry by a leech
G is for GEORGE smothered under a rug
H is for HECTOR done in by a thug
I is for IDA who drowned in a lake
J is for JAMES who took lye by mistake
K is for KATE who was struck with an axe
L is for LEO who swallowed some tacks
M is for MAUD who was swept out to sea
N is for NEVILLE who died of ennui
O is for OLIVE run through with an awl
P is for PRUE tramped flat in a brawl
Q is for QUENTIN who sank in a mire
R is for RHODA consumed by a fire
S is for SUSAN who perished of fits
T is for TITUS who flew into bits
U is for UMA who slipped down a drain
V is for VICTOR squashed under a train
W is for WINNIE embedded in ice
X is for XERXES devoured by mice
Y is for YORICK whose head was knocked in
Z is for ZILLAH who drank too much gin

The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey.
3 comments on "beware stairs, bears and leeches"
  1. Oh, Neville. Having had occasion to wonder if it is possible to be bored to death, I really do love Neville!

  2. I love Gorey too!

    and Neville. Poor Neville. You think it's going to be leeches, but then it turns out to be ennui.


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