crooked cards and happy birthdays

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Saturday, October 27, 2007
I am making and sending Halloween cards today -- pretty much the last day I can mail them if I have any hope of them reaching their destinations by Wednesday. I almost didn't do them this year because I've been so busy, but decided that since they are my favorite cards to do, I had to at least try. They are crooked and crazy and no two are exactly alike... but I kind of love them! My rules were these: I couldn't go buy any supplies (this forced me to focus), and I couldn't overly complicate. Ha ha ha! The former was definitely easier than the latter. (I forced myself to NOT add stitching, for example.) I'm on a break right now while I wait for ink to dry and my hand to stop cramping from the scissors.

Yesterday was my sister's birthday! (happy birthday, Bec!) As part of her larger celebration we went and saw the 3-D Nightmare Before Christmas last night. It was spooky fun as always. I thought the 3-D worked really well in some places, but in others it just looked blurry. The jack in the box at the beginning scared the bejezus out of me, although jack in the boxes scare me even in plain old two dimensions. (I'm easily startled.) I like a lot of the same things about this movie that I like about Pushing Daisies: funny, stylized, romantic, sometimes musical, relatively optimistic but with an underlying darkness. I noticed this time that Jack Skellington wears beatle boots! (Ned wears Chuck Taylors so it's not exactly the same, but stylish footwear is stylish footwear.)

My ink is dry! now I have to go find what I did with the photo corners...
3 comments on "crooked cards and happy birthdays"
  1. I am super excited to see the cards. Your cards are always pleasing on so many levels.

  2. USPS willing, you should see one soon!

    (I am delighted to make something pleasing on any level, let alone more than one!)

  3. I can't wait to see what the postal employee brings!


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