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Thursday, October 04, 2007
1. Pushing Daisies: LOVE! if I were a cartoon, my heart would be beating 10" away from my chest every time I think about it. I'm still pondering the whys and wherefores (and this is a quick list, after all), but TV critic Peter Ames Carlin articulates many of the reasons it worked for me in this review.

2. Private Practice: this was as subtle as a sledgehammer. ("who's going to take care of YOU, Addison?" bah.) I will give it at least one more shot because I liked the character of Addison Montgomery on Grey's Anatomy. (stay tuned next week when we apparently get to see the Secret of the Playboy's Secret Pain! I know this because there was a ... cemetery! and rain! and a "you think you understand, but you don't!" door slamming moment. (okay, maybe no door slamming, but I wouldn't be surprised.) If they could somehow acknowledge the soapy ridiculousness of this (like The OC when it was working) I think I would like it a lot better.

3. Dirty Sexy Money: I liked this, which surprised me. Granted, I fell asleep for 20 minutes in the middle, but that is no reflection on the show and more of a reflection on how I always fall asleep for 20 minutes between 10 - 11 these days. (it's either then or during the Daily Show -- I would have missed Jon taking his medicine from Ted Koppel (love!), which would have been A SHAME.) I will watch DSM again.

That was my TV for Wednesday. I am really enjoying some other shows (MAD MEN!) on other nights, but I'm experimenting with this whole brevity concept. (this coincides with me running late today, but whatever.)

To recap: I heart Pushing Daisies. A lot.
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  1. I haven't watched any of the new shows this year. I am unsure why that is. I had wanted to watch Gossip Girl but I watched that Kitchen show instead.

  2. I forgot that I watched that Aliens in America show Monday night and I liked it. It reminded me of the Wonder Years, which I guess dates me a bit. It was enjoyable and it was nice that the guy that played Luke wasn't on it all that much. I think it is too soon to be on a new show.

  3. I keep missing Gossip Girl, probably by not having ANY IDEA when it comes on.

    I really, really liked Pushing Daisies, but I understand the whimsy factor might be too high for some. (but it is GRUESOME whimsy, which I think should be taken into account...)

    I'm not sure what Aliens in America is either. I better get with the program!

  4. Gossip Girl-9PM Wednesday. Aliens in America-8:30 Monday. Gossip Girl looks good but I have yet to check it out. My sister said that if I liked the OC I would like GG. And I must admit that any show that can be referred to as GG. I have enjoyed the Golden and Gilmore Girls.

  5. HMMMM. Okay, I will give GG a try! I had heard various OC-like things about it, but also heard it lacked any humor which didn't really get me running to the remote control if you know what I mean. But you like it and Meg Cabot likes it, so I will try!

  6. Not aure who Meg Cabot is, but that is okay. I have yet to watch it but I do tend to rely on what my sister says about shows. That might not be a good thing but we'll see.


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