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Sunday, April 04, 2010
Here's the thing I've decided: I've got to be better about managing my time. I can do it! I just need to ... do it. I see a lot of concentrated Freedom in my future.

Anyway - here are some springtime pictures. I'm posting them NOW because it's still springtime, although maybe not quite the exact same phase of spring as it was when I took these photos. Close enough, I say.

cherry pink
Wheeee! I took these out of the passenger seat of a car in one of the less attractive parts of town. You'd never know it was all gas stations and parking lots looking here, though.

cherry pink
... see what I mean? (I still love those trees! I love that they're standing for beauty and biology against an ugly bank of america sign.)

white bleeding heart
!!! This plant still makes me crazy in the good way. Pink bleeding hearts (smaller, more feathery foliage) are native to this area and I love those too, but these are just too much. (not really too much - they are just exactly enough.)

pink petals
I can't remember what kind of tree these petals came off of, but I like the way they look against the sidewalk. Nature's confetti!

park tree
This tree is at the park I go to the most often. It really doesn't look like much 11 months of the year, but that 12th month is spectacular. It's light pink, but looks more white here against the cloudy sky.

park tree
slightly pinker, here.
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