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Thursday, September 09, 2010
I keep starting a new post too late at night - then I remember I have another one started, then get a good idea that I'm too tired to incorporate, which sets off a domino maze of falling excuses and reasons and HERE WE ARE, in some new post that's not that first new post or the existing one but some partially self-aware mutant.

Time for bullet points! which will be asterisks because a) they are prettier b) I am too goddamned lazy to html in some genuine bullet points and don't know how to do it some easier way. Also, isn't this a refreshing break from the usual numbered list? I don't think so either but see above re: domino maze, etc.

* SO MANY GOOD BOOKS. Seriously. Work makes me tired so pretty much all I want to do on the weekends is read. Conveniently, work is at a library and I have no shortage of things I want to read at hand. It's nice. Right now I'm reading Jennifer Egan's Look at Me, which is so stinking good I can't stand it. (I love it.)

* A coworker upgraded herself to the newest Kindle, which she LOVES with a burning love. The screen is really nice and the text is easy to read. I just hate that everything has to go through Amazon. (I know it's the same thing with macs and Apple's topdown lockdown, but I'm too far gone there.) My current state of kindle is this: I'm not going to buy one, but if someone gave me one I'm sure I'd be addicted in no time. (this scenario seems unlikely.)

* I just looked at Wordstock's website (which is difficult to navigate) and managed to figure out that Aimee Bender will be there. Hooray!

* I watched Terriers last night and I like it! It reminds me of Rockford Files in a way - working class smartass detective in sunny beautiful southern California, with all the conflict and contrast implied. I'll know more after I see another episode, but I can tell you right now that Donal Logue is really good and I hope this works out for him and for me, a member of the Viewing Public.

* OPB showed a documentary on the Pendleton Round-Up tonight which was interesting. (So interesting that I watched it even though it's pledge week. You know it has to be good!) This is the Round-Up's centennial year, and they still do things like they used to - no advertisers, no sequins on the rodeo queens! Did you know that the Westward Ho! Parade that opens the festival is the largest non-motorized parade in America? Well you do now.

* I have a sewing project which currently exists as an obligation in an ikea bag, but I THINK JUST MAYBE it's further done than I remember and therefore it won't take me too long to just finish it and move on to something else. I'm not going to look for at least 24 hours. This is my new project fantasy and I don't want to ruin it with potentially disappointing reality.
3 comments on "not where I started"
  1. •option 8 makes a bullet point

  2. look at me: j.e.'s best ever? compare and discuss.

  3. •••thanks monquee! bullet points for everyone!

    •••mernitman - best ever? best yet? I'm still thinking. it was so good, though.


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