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Thursday, September 02, 2010
(photo is of the Ringler Annex, on grand floral parade day, which was in June.)

1) I swear to god, the loudest chewer in all of North America works where I'm working and takes every @#$% break at the same time I do. I don't even know how it's possible to make that much noise eating. It's not what you'd expect - not gross banana mouth noises as perfected by bratty 5 y.o.s everywhere or open mouthed chewing - but some kind of extra-cracking crunching. It's like he's chewing teeth! In a comic book, he could fell a building by opening a box of crackers and taking a bite. No matter what he eats it's the same! It echos! If he starts humming in addition, I will have to kill him.

2) I forgot to fill out my time sheet and didn't even remember until after 10pm tonight. (I can do it tomorrow, but I'm paranoid I'll forget so I've left notes all over to remind me.)

3) I've been obsessed with Camera Obscura lately. (I don't know why - it just comes over me and I have to give in.) Right now I'm listening to an itunes "genius" playlist based on I Need All the Friends I Can Get, but it's not working for me as I just want to hear that one song. iTunes, I think you used to be smarter. More on this later.

4) how about those new iTouches?? I've been saying forever that I want one with a camera (basically an iphone without a phone) and now it looks like they're closer than ever! Although does it shoot only video? I want a still camera so I can download the 2 billion photo aps. (note: I will not be getting one anytime soon. But when I find I need the internet in my pocket, this is probably how I will do it.)

5) my cousin keeps sending me links to photos of her house and her kids on Facebook. I can't see them since I don't have an account. I'm halfway tempted to make one FOR THE CAT so I can see these bleeping pictures. (at one point she had the time and patience to send me a special non-believer Facebook infidel link or whatever, but that time has passed.) The logic is if it's the cat's account I will somehow not waste as much time on the internet as I would if it were my own. Like the cat types and would be concerned if I violated his facebook privacy so I'd have to keep it short and sweet. (that's right, I said THE LOGIC.)

6) I'm reading Zeitoun by Dave Eggers for book club, and holy hell - it's really good. More on this later as well. (I mean it!)

7) I watched Anvil! the story of Anvil tonight and it reminded me of Unknown Passage (the Dead Moon documentary). Probably because it was a documentary about musicians who have been plugging away all this time and toured Europe while making the film, and ... maybe those are all the reasons.

8) Album Tacos makes me laugh. It's ridic, but strangely awesome.
2 comments on "90210"
  1. Zeitoun is a wonderful book. The subject matter is difficult but everything about the book is so easy-one of those books I read in two days. I couldn't help it and I had the time.
    I would love to overhear a conversation between Eggers and his wife. I can't even imagine how great that might be, although I would love it even more if they were discussing the price of pickles or something equally exotic.

  2. I'm just to the part where Kathy doesn't know where he is and it's stressing me out! I will finish it tomorrow.


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