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Thursday, September 16, 2010

HAIR: I got a haircut last weekend and it's awesome. So much shorter! When last I got my hair cut (AGES AGO), I learned the karaoke secret of my haircutter. This time, I learned all about her motorcycle plans. I love her! She never gives me shit or makes me feel boring about my much quieter life, and I loved hearing about how she almost got into a fight at the county fair. (it all worked out and there was no fight, but the story completely held my interest all the way through shampooing and into the haircut itself.)

WRIST: I'm wearing a brace - I thought I was doing so well in avoiding any kind of repetitive stress issues with my increased hours at work, but then my thumb kept going numb. When my whole wrist/hand started hurting enough for me to notice today, I decided it wasn't going to get any better without intervention so I bought a brace at the drug store on my break. Here's hoping! I took it off to type this, but then I had to put it back on. I hope a weekend's worth of not doing too much with it will help.

WORK: I love my job and feel really lucky to have gotten this temporary assignment. On the other hand, I have MANY COMPLICATED FEELINGS about the fact that I'm still in this weird working but not officially employed zone after all this time. It bums me out! I know, I know: government job + bad timing + weak economy = irrational hiring process. I'm glad to have what I've got and I know it's not ME so much as the situation. That's the rational explanation, anyway - but the irrational thought at the front of my brain is that somehow it must be me. Blerg.

GOOD THING: some kid (about 12) came up out of the blue and said "thank you for helping me to get books." It wasn't about anything I'd done particularly, but more a thank you to the library itself. He was a little shy about it - he waited until the other patron in the aisle had left, but it clearly was something he felt like he had to say. So sweet!
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  1. It's not you! Sorry for the vehemence, but it's clearly not--you're awesome!

    It's just a matter of time before you find the perfect job. If I were writing this it would be right after this assignment ends, when you haven't heard anything and you're getting sadder every day and trying to perk yourself up thinking about quilts you'll make. And then on the last day when everyone's saying goodbye, you'll get the call. Yay!

  2. First of all-it really isn't your fault. The only reason people aren't getting hired for realreal is because of the economy or something, even though I just read today that the recession officially ended during the summer of 2009! Who knew?
    A wrist brace? Really? Those can definitely be a fashion statement, depending on how decorative you are willing to get.

  3. Thanks, Maggie! I like that your version has dramatic tension but a happy ending! And quilts!

    Daniel, my wrist brace is totally bedazzled! I have glued sequins and flat backed rhinestones into badass tattoo shapes. I think it's helping.

    I know you're right about the other thing, but still. I had no idea the recession has been over for more than a year! I wonder when we should expect to see results here in Oregon with our 10.25% unemployment rate?

  4. I look forward to seeing this wrist brace.
    I am not sure when Oregon will catch up to the fact that the recession ended June 2009. Hopefully soon.

  5. well dang. Now I will have to decorate it for real!

  6. You could always just tell me that the decorations feel off in some sort of onion juice mishap and I would totally believe it.