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Saturday, September 24, 2011
I am sitting outside. There's a breeze and when I looked up just now, there was a cloud that looked like a cartoon fish skeleton. And now a giant squid. Maybe I should keep my eyes on my keyboard. Anyway - I've been such a terrible procrastinator lately I thought I'd blog race to the end of my laptop battery - because once I go inside to plug it in, I will no doubt be distracted by a million things. That's just the way of it these days.

1: See this picture over here? I read this (The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity) yesterday and enjoyed it very much. It seems like there's been a lot of media lately about reality v. fantasy and meta bleed-through from one to the other. This is sort of in that area, but also talks about fan culture - in this case of a very popular children's series coughcoughHarryPottercoughcough. 
Also something about an evil cabal strong arming writers to do their evil will... I've already put the second volume on hold because I want to see what happens next. Warning: this book is gross and gory in parts, but nothing so bad that it kept me up at night or anything. (I'm a delicate flower, re: horror.)

2: Wordstock is coming! Jennifer Egan will be there! I am excited!

3: OMG. The kindle/library lending thing just started, and it's AWESOME! It's been very easy to navigate so far, I only wish there were more available titles (which I assume time will take care of) and that there was a way to return a book early if I'm done with it so someone else could check it out. (each e-book is purchased by the library separately can only be checked out to one person at a time.)

The library's had e-books (and downloadable audio books) for a long long time, but the kindle association is new. I remember the look of total confusion on the face of a dude (who thought he had really found a way to rook the system) when I explained that he would have to wait just as long or longer for the new George R.R. Martin e-book as he would for the physical book. He thought that since it was electronic there was unlimited access! "It's just a file!" he said as a thousand publishers 3,000 miles away clutched their pearls without knowing why.   My first library kindle book: Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block. LOVE. Lanky lizards indeed.

I'm almost in the battery red! let's see... oh, yes:

4: DURAN DURAN tonight! Woooooooo! for Miz Tara's b-day. WOOOOOOOO!

oops. now it is in the red. That is all for today's battery blog race.
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