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Friday, September 30, 2011

The sky was crazy, but that's fine. We all have our moments. This is Instagram processed, but the sky really did look this tinfoil color. (I have regular camera pictures to prove it, but as always those come later.)

there's a little blue here. This is facing north, the previous picture was south. It's really blown out, but that blob of white to the left of the hotel is sand, the dark splotch above is a rock/mountain/something that reaches goes right out into the water. They used to drive around it in the olden days (when the tide was out.)

This was from a part of Lincoln City called Road's End. The water was dark, but had this LIGHT coming off it anyway - maybe like a suit of armor that needs to be polished hit with a really big flashlight. (or the sun I guess if you have no flashlight poetry in your soul.)

This was the sky at around 4pm. This is a picture of the sun.

ANYWAY. Getting out of town and standing in front of the ocean was lovely as always. It always is, no matter the weather or state of the sky.

September has been my least-blogging month in years - what's up with that? I like the looks of October though, blogging wise.
4 comments on "today, the beach!"
  1. September was more of a bloggy month, not a month to blog. Blah and foggy.
    A picture is worth a thousand words so technically you blogged quiet a bit.

  2. You make a good point!

  3. QUITE a bit! How could I have missed QUIET? Oh hell! I really dislike that. I would go so far as to say I Google- it!

  4. I knew what you meant!

    I google+1 your google- minus idea! (in theory, not for use on an easily understood typo.) There are places on the internet where it would be very satisfying to use.


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