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Tuesday, October 04, 2011
The month's barely begun, but already I have lost things. NAMELY:

1) External paper for CD I checked out of the library. I had the case sitting on my desk and a cough drop MELTED ON IT. (it like, melted from within -  I'm casting a dubious eye at ricola these days.)  Anyway, the library CD case has a plastic cover protecting the outer artwork - I fished it out so I could rinse melted cough drop lava off without ruining the paper. I put it in a safe place - so safe I can't find it. And it's due in two days! And I can't renew! AGONY!  I know it's got to be here somewhere. (Looks under computer for the 300th time...)

2) Dang, I know there was at least one other thing gone missing, but I can't remember what. I know, let's make a list of where this paper might be instead.  Oooh, blogger has a number button. I think that's new. I am pushing the number button!

  1. the most obvious place that the paper is, is under other papers. Hiding in plain sight. The good news is that I have lots of papers and it could be right here on my desk. The bad news is that I have lots of papers and it could be right here on my desk and I may never find it even after looking for a year.
  2. spirited away in the dead of night by someone who is gaslighting me with library materials. This seems less likely, but YOU NEVER KNOW.
  3. I have tested, and the blogger number button won't let me make numbers under numbers. 
  4. I should be reading the Henrietta Lacks book since the non-fiction bookgroup is reading it this weekend, but Wordstock is this weekend! Once I realized they overlapped, I didn't read even one page, although though I really do want to read it. Several members of the bookgroup have read it before and were fighting* about it before we discussed The Big Burn. I want to read it so that I might fight about it, too! 
  5. *for library non-fiction bookgroup definitions of "fighting." There were no fists and only a little shouting. It seems (from my very informal observations) that the hard-science people are of the "cells are just cells" camp and other people are "I see your point, but !!!!!!" and then the science people say "stem cells, etc. etc." and other people are like "hmmmm. Yes, but" and then everyone started talking about wildfires instead since it was 2 o'clock and it was time to talk about wildfires. I wanted to talk about the bromance between Teddy Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot, but there was so much to talk about we didn't cover it as thoroughly as I would have liked. (WHITE HOUSE UNDERWEAR WRESTLING/BOXING!) 
  6. I am trapped in the blogger numbered list forever. 
OR AM I? Okay. Now I'm going to bed.

6 comments on "mystery of the day"
  1. Secret terminology information for you, because words are awesome! The name for the DVD paper you cannot find is an amaray! Except, maybe you were talking about a CD, come to think of it.

  2. !!! That is awesome to know! I was talking about a CD, but the cases we use in the library for CDs are more like a DVD case than a traditional CD case. They're CD sized, but have the plastic film cover, etc. and are less fragile for heavy use.

    I love learning industry specific words - thank you! Now to continue the search...

  3. Wow, that word amaray is awsome. (Spell check doesn't even recognize it.) Hope you find that CD sheet or whatever the scientific term is. If the library has a second such CD, maybe you could copy the paper from it. (I always want to fix things.)

  4. I found it! It was in with the paper recycling. Phew!

  5. I read the Henrietta Lacks book and all I will say until you read it is that I liked it. After you read it I will say a LOT more.

  6. INTRIGUING. More incentive to read it soon!


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