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Tuesday, October 25, 2011
local theater
I love this poster - I saw it on a telephone pole near the park sometime in August -  I'm assuming it's a homeschool theater department situation.  Was this play ever mounted? I don't know! But I really dig the red sharpie/pencil poster and that it was put up with heavy duty upholstery staples.
3 comments on "starring Tommy"
  1. I really, really hope you go see this and take photos.

    Sounds perfect!

  2. I've got to keep my eyes open for a poster with the time and date! Although the assignment might have been to make a poster and nevermind the rest - maybe it's the play that never was and never will be. (I could write a play about this play and hire this kid Tommy (or Tommy's mom) to make the poster...)

  3. Go find Tommy and do a Biographies-style interview!


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