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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Today is Wordstock day! Normally, I like to go for all day, both days but I'm not sure if that's going to work this time or not. I have ANOTHER stupid cold and my uncle is visiting from California, both of which curb my natural Wordstock inclinations. We'll see how it shakes out by the end of today.

Speaking of which, here's my tentative schedule:

11:00 Steve Almond
12:00 Julia Glass & Diana Abu-Jaber
1:00 Jennifer Egan (!!!!!!!!! one thousand !!!!!!!!!s)
2:00 lunch OR Michael Ondaatje OR Vera Brosgol & Jonathan Hill (you should read VB's Anya's Ghost if you haven't already - it's fantastic.)
3:00 Craig Thompson, probably
4:00 panel: Pushing the Limits of Form in Fiction (feat. Jennifer Egan)
5:00 Carson Ellis & Colin Meloy

Looks good, right? A few of those things happen at the same time as other things I'm interested, so it's open to change.
4 comments on "what I think will happen"
  1. WELL??? What DID happen? What HAS happened?
    Don't leave me hangin like a vested dude waiting for a sign from a hair flippin hottie!

  2. Heeee! I'm working on it. It is my stated goal that I will have my wordstock report up this week instead of the usual 6 months to never.

    this: "Don't leave me hangin like a vested dude waiting for a sign from a hair flippin hottie!" made me laugh and laugh.

  3. I was thinking about you when I was listening to the National Book Award finalist announcement on OPB this morning. It sounded like there was a live audience and I thought: "Hmm..I wonder if Jen finagled a way into the studio?"

    FYI: "vest is a bit hyper" has become a catch phrase between me and another of our party!

  4. Yeah, Anonymous said it best.


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