the owls are not what they seem

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I think this owl is trying to mind-control me from his perch on an eye-level bookshelf. On the one hand, he's a humble thrift store Avon owl that used to hold Snow Owl Moonwind powder sachet, at least according to the sticker on the bottom. (Maybe that's just a cover. Maybe he's in Avon witness protection or something.) I bought him as an owl-joke for my cousin, but then grew attached and kept him myself. But how many horror stories start with some innocent tchotchke? SO MANY. These b/w "film grain" photos make him look scarier than he really is. (Or maybe they reveal exact levels of scariness. I may have to turn him around before I go to sleep.)

I digress. I came here to talk about books.

books at the top of the stairs

This is the bookshelf at the top of the stairs. (Yes, that's a giant pile of shoes in the lower-right corner. They aren't ones I really wear anymore and this started as a temporary spot until I sorted out the ones going away for now and the ones going away for good - but the kitten hides his choicest toys in there, so I've leapt on that as an excuse to continue doing nothing.)  ANYWAY - I had this idea for a fun blog project: a photo for each cube, and I'll write a little about what might be in there. The shelves are more or less tidy since I just had to take everything out and put it back in (to paint the floor), but they're only in vague order. I always like to see people's bookshelves, so I thought WHY NOT? I will show some of mine. It'll be fun! Maybe I'll figure out the perfect way to arrange them.  This isn't meant to be some kind of complete inventory or 500 book reviews, it's just one set of shelves and some book chat. I would love it if you did it too! (no pressure - just think about it.)


The owl made me do it.

First shelf post will come Friday afternoon, unless I go to the movies in which case it will be Sunday evening.
2 comments on "the owls are not what they seem"
  1. Great idea! I need to get my shelves cleaned up a bit this week while I"m off, but I might just join you!


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