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Wednesday, March 21, 2012
spring outside my window
 A million of these tiny birds (they're the size of 2 jumbo cotton balls or  1.5 large marshmallows) converged on the tree outside my window the other day. They're so cute! I thought this even after I witnessed them plucking blossoms off the tree - were they looking for bugs? eating petals? just destructive thugs?

I couldn't get a good picture of them for anything - adorable as a Disney cartoon bird until the minute I picked up the camera, then it was all twiggy profiles and fluffy bird butt.

spring outside my window
Are they on the lam for crimes committed in another tree? Or maybe they just don't like having their picture taken. (I also dislike having my picture taken.)  I'm pretty sure they're house finches; they had pretty little red throats and seemed kind of finchy.  Sometimes the little birds are hard to tell apart - but I like All About Birds as a destination to figure it all out.

Did I mention that there was a Cooper's Hawk sitting on the birdbath the other day? He was just hanging out, freaking out all the little birds and squirrels while having a through the window staring contest with Busby the cat.
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