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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Flora & Fauna | Alynn & Mags from Lea Bruno on Vimeo.

I love this video and would be overcome with delight if I happened upon either mural while out and about in the world. As it is, I'm pretty damn delighted with the video.
via The Hairpin

I have some mega-floral pictures coming up soon - it's that time of year. (I'm sorry to say I don't have mega-fauna pictures to post. My cats being cute don't count -  I think for MEGA-FAUNA you'd need a half-goat/ half-human forest creature who is 7 stories tall and can shoot fire out of her horns or something.)

[unrelated side note: the sidewalk in front of the house is getting replaced today and there's a little boy (about 3) out front with his mom, losing his MIND because of all the heavy equipment. It's pretty cute! The cement truck just got here!]
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  1. What a very nice video you have here and the mural painting is superb. Nice creation!


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