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Monday, June 25, 2012
truffle shuffle
Hello, lovely people.  I spotted this Goonies graffiti on a concrete barrier (to keep tourists from falling to their death) at the Devil's Churn. (Devil's Churn, Truffle Shuffle - sometimes life brings pleasing phrases all at one time.)  I have no idea how or why it was there, but I love thinking about it. Maybe someone was doing a Goonies pilgrimage - the movie was set in Astoria but it was filmed up and down the north/central coast. I was hoping to see more, but this was the only truffle shuffle I came across.

In an effort to get to my bee pictures, I've been uploading a bunch of stuff that was on my camera before the bee pictures, including a May beach trip, the iris gardens, and much much more! (hee hee. more cats! But I'm trying valiantly not to post 1000 cat pictures.)

Anyway, all this to say bee pictures and pictures of other things shortly, maybe even later today.

secret stairs to nowhere
Here are some curved stairs that sprouted out of the cliff, seemingly unattached to a beginning or an end.  I saw at least two other examples of these staircases (is it a staircase if it's just out in the open air?) in the lovely beach town of Yachats.
2 comments on "truffle shuffle take the stairs"
  1. There's another one on a bench at Seal Rock. Yet another reason I wish I didn't have to go home. I could be up there trying to unravel the secret of the Truffle Shuffle! Or watching waves crash against the rocks while pondering the secret of the Truffle Shuffle.

    Or maybe just the waves part.

  2. Seal Rock - thank you, Scott! I wonder how many there are, total? Who puts them there? Does anyone try to remove them? It's obviously a problem in search of a full-scale vacation investigation. The Secret of the Truffle Shuffle could be a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys title, which means the answer is only a magnifying glass, a flashlight, and a roadster away!

    Thank you for the tip, and I totally agree about the mysterious pull of watching waves on the rocks. Time stands still, which is an excellent way to lengthen a vacation.


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