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Monday, August 13, 2012
restaurant view

Back in May (yes, I know! This blog lives in a neverending May) we went to a restaurant and had brunch. Brunch wasn't the intention, but they weren't serving anything else and we were hungry. Classic mistake!  It was terrible - too many mediocre sweet baked goods, not enough savory anything. The waitress was nice, but the hostess was determined to make us suffer for reasons of her own. Sigh. But the view was aces, despite the super weird table.

(While we were waiting forever, I may or may not have - in a fit of pique and hangry -  made a promise to come back and be very rude on one of those benches.)

But seriously: the green! the pink sea thrift! the light grey-green of the ocean! It makes up for some dry nasty muffins, I tell you what.
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