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Friday, August 24, 2012

ORANGE ZINNIA PHOTO is part of my plan for world Zinnia domination. Next year, I will actually plant some.

I realized yesterday that I've been feeling pretty shabby this past month or so. Not terrible, not depressed, just out of sorts and blerg. Maybe it's the summer doldrums, although I love summer so this seems unlikely. I've been working in the garden, which is rewarding but I've not been getting much else done. I'm out of shape, library work has been s-l-o-w, and I generally feel like I'm failing to grasp some obvious thing that everyone else knows. (WHAT IS YOUR SECRET KNOWLEDGE, EVERYONE ELSE???)

Self, I wondered, what can I do to make this shabby just a little shiny? Just asking the question helped. I restarted my drawing a day project - it is so fun and I have no idea why I stopped. I walked to get the CSA share, which I pick up in the park I used to walk in all the time. On the way there, I had a major epiphany about a story I've been working on 4EVAH. Hooray! On the way back, the obsessive lawn-mowing man, who I walked by every day for 2 years when I was walking regularly, actually SPOKE TO ME, which was a first. He said "I used to see you every day! Where have you been?" which reinforced that I should probably resume my park walks. Not because I want to talk to obsessive lawn-mowing man, but because the words out of his mouth were the words in my head. "Where have you been?"

In the spirit of taking charge of myself I also: graphed out my next quilt, which I can't wait to make; got out my soldering stuff because by god I'm going to figure it out. (here's a link to the tutorials I've pinned, including soldering!)

Anyway. I don't have any tidy summation or anything - just a reminder to myself:  I was low, I did some stuff and felt better.

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