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Friday, September 14, 2012
the great Salt Lake

This photo is from last year's epic cross country road trip; I may have posted it before.  It was taken at the Great Salt Lake, and I thought the viewer looked rather Jawa-like. Maybe that's what they look like under their robes!

This evening's thoughts:

• the saying was that the internet runs on cats, but I think those halcyon days are over. The currency of the internet these days is outrage. I passively contribute by letting myself get worked up about how some people are deliberately misunderstanding what some other people have said or done (someone is wrong on the internet!), and then I think about how dumb it is to waste any mental or emotional energy on it and return my attention to politics or pinterest. (I KNOW!) speaking of the former...

• I'm pretty sure Romney will lose because he is dangerously clueless and even those in his own party can't work up much enthusiasm for him. Even the party bigwigs are unconvincing  - GWB, they could work with - but Romney has no charisma, no juice; he's like a dried up corncob with impressive republican hair. There's little support for Romney that if, when you scratch it, isn't really just wanting Obama out of office. (Can you even believe that Kansas is "mulling over" whether to put President Obama on the ballot because of some birther bullshit? They "suspect he is ineligible!" I cannot believe it - if you made it up it would be too much - and yet here it is!)

•My friend Daniel has a new blog called Democraycray  - he's blogging his thoughts and frustrations  every day until the election. I'm also fond of the 90 Days, 90 Reasons site and the politics blog at Esquire.

• While I'm talking about it - did you watch the conventions? What did you think? I thought the DNC was miles better. They sounded like serious people and running this government is a serious job! And they're serious about helping people! There were only a couple of speakers at the RNC who sounded like grown ups who could put two thoughts together away from the teleprompter talking points (Chris Christie, Condoleeza Rice), but neither one of them seemed to give two shits about Mitt Romney.

and now I must go to bed. I don't plan on blogging very much about politics, but I had to get some of this out of my system.
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