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Tuesday, July 02, 2013
fever-hot novel!

JULY is nuts already, people. Or maybe I'm just hot and tired. (probably just hot and tired.)

The first week of July (this week!) is when I start my new library job. Woo Hoo! Friday Saturday this week before I settle into my regular Thursday Friday Saturday schedule. I love that my days are grouped together to I can still work on-call or just have 4 days off.

I have erased 50 different beginnings to this next part.

Maybe I'll just bullet it.

  • everyone has been lovely. LOVELY. Encouraging and happy for me and all that jazz. The Best. 
  • I'm eager to just start doing my job and stop talking about how long it's been, etc. Time to move forward. It's a weird time, that's for sure. 
  • Lots of other transitions, which makes me uneasy. Not like seasick, but like when the possibility of being seasick first enters the mind. Not because of anything specific, but just because it (work)  was good before and now it will necessarily change which I know is a constant in the universe, and so on, but I am up to my eyeballs in change and I just sort of want to lie down for a while. It will be good again!  Or remain good. Whatever. You can't step in the same river twice, etc. (sigh. I am hot and tired and DRAMATIC.) 
  • I've been getting very little sleep, which has caused me to say things that I immediately wish unsaid. Note to self: develop time machine. 
  • Note to others: the words Time Machine remind me of a preview I saw before The Heat - it's for a Richard Curtis (I think...) movie called About Time and it looked charming and slightly messed up. (it is cheating to go back in time over and over to perfect a moment, correct? does it matter? am I overly concerned with fairness right now? Maybe. )
  • Will I ever finish the non-fiction book I'm reading and catch up on my reading challenge? YES. It will happen, so help me. 
ION, This song kept going through my head today for no good reason: 

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