sexy high speed car chase crimes (for the greater good)

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013
at the grand coulee dam
(I was just trawling around my own photostream and found this picture from the Grand Coulee Dam, not that you can tell it's from there.)

WORK: Despite working at this location for a long time as a sub, I've found that being a permanent employee is very different - I have to pay attention in a whole new way. (I say after noticing a my-fault mistake on a paycheck.) I'm sure I'll get used to things soon enough. Right? Right???

TV:  Orphan Black!!!! Is anyone watching this? I'm not quite done with it so don't tell me the end but I can hardly stand it, it's so good. (and suspenseful.)

BOOKS: just finished Neil Gaiman's latest and am still mulling it over. It's easily read in one sitting which I think is the right way to read it, but it's not easily condensed to a single thought bubble so I am STILL THINKING. (it was good, though.)

I think just three categories tonight. Until next time, please enjoy this new Franz Ferdinand video. I saw it this morning and fell down the Franz Ferdinand youtube rabbit hole shortly thereafter. Despite this song being called Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action their songs make me want to commit sexy high speed car chase crimes. INTERNATIONAL SEXY HIGH SPEED CAR CHASE CRIMES! Okay, this one makes me want to commit sexy high speed SCIENCE CRIMES (robin hood/ greater good variety). Like, Franz Ferdinand and I will get this bee problem sorted out!

Who gives a damn about the profits of Tesco

I've never seen most of these videos before today and this is NOT what I have in mind when I hear the song, but it does fit the bratty persona of the character in the song.

This is the "band version" of the video for this song, which is lo-fi silliness but preferable to the weird official version.
4 comments on "sexy high speed car chase crimes (for the greater good)"
  1. I'd forgotten about FF! They are so fun!
    Orphan Black! People keep mentioning this show, and how great it is, but I haven't watched. I guess I will have to fix that. The JW stamp of approval means a lot.

  2. YES! They are so fun. I have been playing FF over and over and it's not old for me yet!

    ORPHAN BLACK!! Have you started yet? I think the only way it's showing right now is BBCA on demand (at least on comcast, which I think you have, right?) so GET TO IT. It's a really good one for watching 2-3 episodes at a time. Be warned though: there are only 10 episodes so far.

    p.s. I was in a store today and something made me think of The OC season 1 (aka: perfect summer teen soap) and I think I may have to give it a rewatch. Julie Cooper! (I can't remember when she became cooper-nichol) Welcome to the OC, bitch! (speaking of that guy, have you watched Nashville? he's in it.)

  3. Julie Cooper!!! I love that woman! Riverside in the house!!!

    I need to check out that Orphan Black. 10 episodes sound about perfect for me.

    I hope you are having an extra special, happiest of days today

  4. I am late to replying to this, but THANK YOU and I did! Even though I had to get my driver's license renewed....


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