cape celebration part TWO

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

CHERRY AMES:  The classic nurse cape! I've seen these, and they're usually very well constructed and far more practical than the white dress she's got on. 

WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST: rustling black capes are the best for menacing intruders from Kansas, don't you think? 

SNOW WHITE: Who wears it better? Snow, seen here getting an assist from her bird friends, or...

EVIL QUEEN:  surely she has a name besides "evil queen," like maybe  LADY OF THE CAPE. She knows how to majestically swoop around a throne room, I tell you what. (she and Darth Vader would probably have a lot to talk about when they weren't trying to kill each other with poisoned apples/ jedi mind tricks.) 

WONDER WOMAN: I was trying to avoid the whole superhero cape subgenre, but obviously there has to be a Wonder Woman exception. This is how you cape when you're not an evil queen, people. 

LYNDA CARTER IS WONDER WOMAN IS A JIGSAW PUZZLE: that really says it all. I do like her over the shoulder cape swirl going on here. 

BETTE DAVIS: she wears capes so well people come out of their staterooms to see how it's done. She is the cape whisperer. "Could I ever wear a cape so well," wonders Dinner Jacket Guy. IN YOUR DREAMS.

VALENTINO FASHION CAPE: from 1969. I love the whole mod-cape look. She looks like a Bond girl who has quit the Bond girl racket and therefore can go about fully dressed, which of course includes a cape. 

FLORENCE WELCH: Like a huge beautiful moth, I expect she is going to fly away imminently. 

DIANA ROSS:  Seriously. This outfit was a pulsating red/orange in the color pictures I found but none were as nice as this one. It's raining but Diana doesn't care! 

BIANCA JAGGER:  cape for rock festivals/ camping/ everyday fabulous. Does she also have a walking stick? I believe she does! 

JANELLE MONAE: cape for walking around town.

JANELLE MONAE: cape for work.

DITA VON TEESE: flawless modern cape wearing. She looks put together and powerful, like she's about ready to stride into a boardroom and take over the company with a few well placed words, then turn around and stride back out. (cape swirling on the turn! but not too much. Just the perfect amount.) 

STEVIE NICKS: perfect example of mystical and ethereal yet rock and roll cape deployment. 

ELIZABETH TAYLOR AS CLEOPATRA: The sparkly gold lamé best. 

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  1. Many good arguments for making me want, nay NEED, a cape!


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