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Sunday, December 01, 2013
Hello December!

I had this nutty idea that I would post every day in December, although now that I find myself right up against the almost midnight of it I wonder if that's wise. (Have I learned nothing??? Don't answer.)

Briefly, because there's only 8 more minutes and I don't want to backdate - December features:


beginning of 6 week assignment at work (that starts this week - I'll be … well, there's no time to explain right now, but I will explain in the future! It's not a new job, just a temporary thing.)

Visitors: all lovely people I love, but you know how it is (or maybe you don't! don't worry, you will READ ALL ABOUT IT, maybe.)

Reading: forever!

Movies: forever!

Photos: if I get myself together.

In the meantime, Caro Emerald! She seems so fab and glamorous.

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