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Saturday, December 07, 2013
Cape Blanco lens

(another flickr photo from a while ago - this is the fresnel lens inside the lighthouse at Cape Blanco.)

It is cold here! Unseasonably cold. A Dry Cold, which isn't how we roll AT ALL.  It's a nice novelty for a couple of days but I'm ready for it to go back to 40 degrees and raining, which is what feels right to me for winter.

Work stuff, you guys! For 6 weeks I'm working a different schedule and classification. It's a lovely opportunity to make more $$ and I really appreciate that they asked me to do it, but the schedule change is messing with me. Of course this is only the first week, but still. This + holiday stuff + freaky weather and I'm having tiny continual freak outs. Normally I don't think in "if there was one thing I could change about myself" terms, but if I could quit worrying about things that turn out to be no big deal, that would be amazing.

More later. I really will try to have some fun stuff this month, but if I'm going to do this every day some days will be boring!

OH! Cape update: I must just be feeling the cape zeitgeist because after my cape posts I saw two people IN THE LIBRARY with capes on and it was just as wonderful as I'd hoped. Wait! Make that three people because there was a kid with a strategically tied pillowcase that totally counts.
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