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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today I decided it was time to start work on a new Christmas mix, since the last one I made was in 2004 or so. (it was a good one!) First thing I do is head to my iTunes and see what I've got in there. Weirdly, a bunch of things that I thought I had don't show up… Some google later, I figure it out: sometime in the non-christmas past,  I'd deselected some but not all of my Christmas songs so they wouldn't play in the summer or whatever. Since iTunes is now all fancy, there is no way to find and RE-select them without making a smart playlist, blah blah blah. I think I found them all, except I couldn't find 2000 miles by the Pretenders, which I know I have. Why are you holding out on me, computer???

I had to do some ornament wrangling so I listened to my laptop christmas selection (or what I could find of it) to evaluate for the aforementioned mix and discovered - well, not really discovered, more like articulated in my own mind - that I have a definite preference in Christmas music. If you roughly divide it all into snow or fire, cold or warm, etc. I prefer the cold! Which is not something I would have necessarily thought before. Although I guess it's also divided between secular and (what's the word for non-secular? sacred??) - there are some warm secular songs that I really dig, but if it's a carol or mentions baby Jesus at all, I'd rather it be one that sounds like an angel is singing it outside where it is cool and crisp and even. (there are exceptions! this is a working theory.)

Do you like Christmas music? What do you love? What do you hate?

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