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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I was at the dentist for three long hours today. My jaw still hurts, but it's all in pursuit of maximum mouth health so I can grind rocks with my teeth if I feel like it. (note: I have not checked this dubious eventual goal with my dentist.) Anyway -  the important part here is that when I got home I watched a bunch of INXS videos. I don't know why - it just felt like the right thing to do.  I'm just including a couple here because I have committed to blogging every day for December so I may need some for later!

The thing that struck me the most once I started listening to/watching these videos is why haven't I been listening to this record straight through since 1987?? (ha ha! I typed 1897 - that would be something…) They're a great band that I sort of forgot about, somehow. (HOW?) (I even saw them in concert (!) in the early 90s with Material Issue opening.)

What I notice watching New Sensation: A suit is clearly not Michael Hutchence's native attire (he looks like he'd be most at home in leather pants and unbuttoned shirts), yet here he is in one. Why? Are they pretending that he's a lawyer by day and a rock star by night? "Your Honor, dream baby dream of all that's come and going," gavel, gavel, case dismissed, etc. His strange suit doesn't matter because he's got so much raw charisma it powers all the stray light effects in this video.

Okay, I was close - leather jacket and NO shirt. ha ha hahaha! And a white rat, for some reason. He was some kind of charisma wizard - when he's on the screen he draws focus from all the other dudes. (sorry, other dudes! I did manage to notice that one of the band members has a truly impressive mullet and some of them (one of them? all of them?) dress like roller derby referees, but that's about it.)

While perusing youtube I found the Beck Record Club version of Kick, but I'm going to save it until I've listened to the real deal 200000 times. (or however many times! I'll know when I get there.)

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