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Tuesday, December 03, 2013
Library cd resting on my ipod. #MCL #music #Beatles


I am in a weird place creatively.  I gave myself a little vacation from expectation while I adjusted to regular employment (more on that later), but it is TIME, which is part of why I'm trying this little month long experiment even though December is a dumb month for such things. I'm so out of practice it isn't even funny.

But now it is bedtime for me! Since I now have a regular job with benefits including insurance, I'm going to the DENTIST in the early AM tomorrow! This is actually my second appointment - I had my cleaning, checkup, etc. already and things don't look to bad, all things considered.  (But not so great I don't have to go back.)

photo above was taken on my phone during one of my Cleaning with the Beatles sessions. I set my iPod on the ALL BEATLES, BEATLES ONLY, KEEP OUT YOU OTHER BANDS setting and set my timer for an hour and cleaned like… I dunno. Like Eleanor Rigby, if she was a binge cleaner I guess.  Anyway! I put my iPod down for a minute and a CD from the library (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts!) jumped on top of it and I saw some tiny Revolver-Beatles and Revolver Beatle side-eye framed so nicely that I took a picture.
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