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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Was it the claritin in too close conjunction to the excederin, too close to bedtime? Maybe it was the full (or almost full) moon. Maybe it was trying to do something using my brain (adding my own links in the side bar. check it out -->) after my brain was trying to get some rest. Whatever the reason, I had the worst night of sleep I've had in months. I can't really complain because generally sleep is something I'm good at - but man. After I finally dozed off around 2 - 2:30 am, I was awakened by horrific screeching and falling noises by the cats. I should point out that when I finally drug my sorry behind to bed, Louie (the cat) was perched on the end of my bed staring at NOTHING like it was going to attack when he wasn't looking. That's a little off putting right there. It wasn't just the paranoid stares of the cat that got me tense -they were building on an already established paranoid foundation.

Earlier in the night there was a call - I couldn't get to the phone because I was programming the VCR and other people had stuff in their laps so we let the machine get it - no message. We don't have caller ID. (I know! How 20th centrury of us.) Normally I would think "no big deal - if it was important, they would have left a message." But someone on our street had their house broken into a couple of weeks ago and there was a front page news story about the rise of break-ins in our part of town. AND, one of the women in the story said that she thought the burglers (who had broken in before) were calling to see if they were home or not. So when the cats got into a full-on WWE smackdown on the stairs, I of course thought they were reacting to some sort of home invasion. Blergh. If I wasn't in fight or flight mode (I believe I did some yelling and flipped on all of the lights - I'm glad I didn't wake anybody else up) I would have realized that if the cats were scared they would be hiding under something rather than dashing headlong to danger. They are sensible like that.

I did finally get to sleep, but the cat kept walking over my head all night. And this morning I was awakened by many police sirens and helicopters. (to the best that my sister and I can figure out, it was either due to an enromous drug bust or someone getting hit by a car. I'm voting drug bust because it fits my paranoid theories the best.)

In short - I want a nap, and an immediate cessation to all crime so I can start worrying about something else.
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  1. Holy Moly - what a weird night! Where does random insomnia come from? I'm glad it was only temporary and that no one got hurt.
    Diva was making the weirdest noises when I was in the shower this morning that sounded like a bird imitating a human laugh. Both times my initial thought was that someone had broken in and was laughing diabolically in my kitchen for some reason - free-kay!
    Chloe walks all over my head when I'm in bed too - soo annoying! I find that if i put a small pillow on top, I can still breathe and it keeps her from stepping on my hair.


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