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Monday, February 07, 2005
The Copenhangen Connection by Elizabeth Peters - this is one of her standalone mysteries/capers. When I first saw it, I assumed that it was one of the Vicky Bliss novels (my favorite of E.Peters many series) because there is one also set in Copehnagen (Silhouette in Scarlet, it turns out), but NO. Even better, it was a Peters I had never read. My sister found it for me for Christmas - she wisely deduced that it was one that we had somehow managed not to read.

It follows the fairly typical formula of the E. Peters caper - smart, capable young woman thrown into adventure - actually, it's better than that. The SCYW throws herself into the adventure. What I like best about these books is that E.Peters has a sense of humor, writes delightfully about exotic locations (just enough to give you an idea without sounding like a travel brochure), manages romantic tension without being really overt about it, has colorful secondary characters, and writes from a decidedly feminist POV. All this PLUS chloroform, kidnapping, Danish royalty (historical division), humorous misunderstandings, and a master of disguises? Delightful! Not to say that Peters doesn't have her moments of predictability, particularly if you've read many of her other books. This one also has the quiet and therefore more scary and evil villain with his loudmouthed ineffectual minion, the over the top eccentric, the spunky heroine, the misdirect, and the thrilling conclusion. But I don't mind. I would miss them if they weren't there.
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