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Thursday, February 10, 2005
Today I was driving around in my car listening to Radio Disney. It's not as crazy as it sounds - my CD player is becoming erratic in its old age and NPR was all pledge drive, all the time. Besides, I like Radio Disney! Kids call up and give birthday shout outs to their friends, their moms, and their dogs! What I thought was interesting is since I listened last they've started doing this Moving Song (or something). Anyway, they have a Moving Song of the day, and when you hear it you are supposed to get up off your ass and jump around. The little girl who called in said she was going to do jumping jacks! (Today's song was U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer). It's simultaneously charming and sad to me. Charming that there are 7 year olds all over the country practicing the hammer dance, but sad that obesity in children is such a problem that radio stations are trying to help stomp it out. I think they're right though - more moving is good. Is there a song you hear where you pretty much can't help moving, even if you tried?

In project news, I am now in the phase where everything fills me with panic and dread and I am sure this is the biggest mistake ever. I'm old enough now to recognize this as one of the inevitable steps in my creative process. Unfortunately.

AND in OPERA news - Tonight is Madame Butterfly. I had big plans for making a new skirt and being all fabulous, but I will have to edeavor the latter without the former.

4 comments on "can't touch this"
  1. I love the Pee-Wee's Playhouse style GOYLA song for kids! Yes, they could do better than the hammer though, I agree!
    I am also very excited that PWP is now out on DVD. I must own this!

  2. Hee hee! yeah, I think the Hammer was just today's song - it's a different song every day. And yay for PWP DVDs! I never saw them all the first time around, but I think I need to see them all now. And the movie, again.

  3. I forgot to add that I hope your panic and dread phase is over. Nice to know that it's normal and will pass but still sucks while you're in it! You will persevere! Why? Because you're a #1 Groover!

  4. Thank you! It is nearing a close (at least phase one), because we went to Cannon Beach today, and I got some good ideas just looking around. Now I am wrapping my mind around the project in a way that doesn't make me feel full of dread and loathing, and possibly even optimistic. HOORAY!


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