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Thursday, February 24, 2005
I am no longer crazy like I was the other day - sleep has been had! Vitamin D from the sun (the very best kind as long as you have appropriate sunscreen) has been had!

Perhaps best of all (although it is hard to top sleep) is good news on the project front. I guess the work I did was acceptable to the ultimate client. Hooray! Will find out more details tomorrow.

Ooh - almost forgot - downloaded the latest iPod updater, and now I have the shuffle songs feature available from the main menu!! Yay! It was never a huge hassle to make it shuffle songs, but now it is even easier. Right now Prince is singing Kiss and things are right in my corner of the world once more.

In Television news, VH1 has been running a great series on hip hop. I hope they replay the whole thing - what I caught tonight was very interesting. The thing that stuck out in my head was all of these guys saying that Rap made it acceptable to talk about what was going on in your neighborhood - to document life as you live it. It just reminded me of something I read Jennifer Crusie say about writing - about how only you can write the book of your heart. I know! Hip Hop and J. Crusie are not two topics that seem to naturally belong together, but it is all about creativity and being true to your own creative voice. The Crusie quote came about because someone was sad that she would never write as well as her literary heroes. Crusie said she was glad she didn't write just like her heroes -because she wanted to be true to her own voice. I am not doing either the quote or the tv show justice - it just struck a chord with me. You have to be true to your own ideas. They interviewed Outkast, who are HUGE right now but were considered crazy outsiders from the sticks when they first came along. Everything was all about NY and LA, but here they came from Atlanta and they just made a space that was their own and continued to do their own thing. They had conviction of the validity of their own experience. There will always be copy cats - but they are not the ones pushing the boundries of what people think is possible. God bless the weirdos and people doing their own thing because they can, or because they must. The world is a better place because of them.
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