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Sunday, February 13, 2005
Teen Idol by Meg Cabot (#3)

I love reading Meg Cabot teen novels, and here is one of the reasons why - she is just a couple of years older than me. So, even though she does research on what is going on with teens today, a lot of her culture references are the same of mine. Its fun to try to pick them out. Plus, she's funny. Teen Idol features a teenage movie heartthrob going undercover in a small Illinois high school. His name is Luke Striker, but I think he's probably an amalgam that features Chad Michael Murray somewhere in there. The first person narrator is Jenny Greenley, the nicest girl in school and also the author of the Dear Annie advice column for the school newspaper. Cabot does a great job integrating the letters to Dear Annie in with her plot (not as easy as it would seem!) Jenny is a likeable main character - she's really nice but also has some blind spots that render her not perfect (and therefore even more likeable for this reader). She struggles with her jazz hands for show choir, for example. How can you not have sympathy for someone with jazz-hand inadequecies? I like how Cabot draws her side characters and she really has a lot of insight into the ways people interrelate - which is also rarer than you would expect in the world of novels.

As for the numbering - I have read more than three books so far this year, but I am trying to remember what they were! As I remember them and/or read more, I'll just put the number off to the side in parenthases. One would hope that I will be able to manage that much.
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