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Monday, February 28, 2005
This has been the strangest month for out of the blue contacts:
1) Old friend I've known since 4th grade who lives on the opposite side of country emails me
2) run into former co-worker at the opera. She just happened to be the very usher in my very row.
3) different former co-worker calls out of blue and says "why don't you come over for lunch?"
4) friend from Texas calls up and says "am in your state tomorrow - let's have dinner" (this is actually code for "can I hang out at your house until I have to catch my flight home," but whatever.)
5) whole freelance thing
6) This one is convoluted - Blondie attended PIFF - she ran into a former customer from the place we both used to work at. Former customer is in knitting circle with a former co-worker of mine. Former customer passed this on to former co-worker, who then requested my email. Very convoluted, very strange.

So, if for some reason I am broadcasting at a louder than normal psychic frequency, I would like to point some psychic rays at a giant pile of money. We need to meet, and soon. I swear, there were more crazy coincidences, but I can't remember what they are right now.
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