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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Just Words...
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this picture reminds me of Bush Gardens in Florida, although I am fairly certain they have no "jungle world." It also seemed appropriate on the day that I had to escort a young racoon (as big as my 12 lb cat, but not full-grown) out of my freaking living room (after it was in my upstairs bedroom!) He must have come in the door that the cats used. It is closed tonight. I've got no beef with raccoons as long as they stay in designated raccoon spaces (the outdoors) and out of my bedroom. It was something to see at 4:48 this morning - a racoon standing on his hind legs looking in my bookcases. Google tells me they are the smartest mammals in North America, so who knows. Maybe he needed something to read. In any case, it took me about 45 minutes of stern talking and banging a long stick around in the living room to get him out the door. I was tired and wired at the same time. I just kept thinking that I didn't want to scare him so much that he would bite me and give me rabies, but I also didn't want to make nice with him because I wanted him OUT OF THE HOUSE. I was also afraid that Louie (the cat) might try and take care of the problem with his claws, which could end ugly since Louie is 16 years old and weighs 5lbs. I haven't been this freaked out by an animal in the house since the time I found a possum in my shoe.

In other news, we just started watching season 1 of The Wire tonight. I put it on hold at the library a million years ago, and it just now came available. It is so good. It's going to be hard not to watch them all at once.
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