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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
This is a placeholder for all of the things I intend to write. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, but at least this way I can keep track of what I thought I would write. In no particular order~

+ I am listening to an OK Go podcast right now and it is cracking me up. It is totally random, and hilarious. PLUS!!!! Bec and I are going to see them tomorrow night as they passed the 12 dollars or less cheap show rule. Woot! (tickets still available and only TEN DOLLARS (plus one dollar service charge). check out their blog, for lo, it makes me laugh.

+ Pre-Raphaelite exhibit on the last day at PAM. Awesome show - I did get to wondering what it would be like if these titian-haired pre-raph women were to stand up out of their paintings. they would be 20 feet tall! And maybe rampage around downtown for a while before finding rest beside Portlandia, or perhaps up at the rose garden where they could decoratively smell roses to their giant-heart's content. Also enjoyed the Chinese Mysterious Spirits, Strange Beasts exhibit.

+ Roadtrip! - In three short days - echo, pendleton, union, cove, le grande, island city (there's a misnomer, let me tell you!), elgin, joseph, hell's canyon, halfway, baker city, sumpter, granite, john day, dayville, pdx! and much much more. later.

+ shame index - beyond time for an update, but if it were timely, it wouldn't be shameful. Maybe I am setting myself up for failure and disappointment.

+ book list - I have a couple to add, but haven't yet.
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