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Sunday, May 29, 2005
I started writing this entry the other day, when it was still sunny. Since then the weather has turned cool and overcast and 60 minutes just did a story on Romania's tourist industry and how they are reluctantly embracing Dracula as a way to entice visitors. In other words, this is even more timely now than it was then!

But before we get to Dracula, here's another interesting tourist destination. The Duke and Duchess of Northumberland are turning the garden to their estate into a Poison Garden. It's all very thrilling. They are planning on "evil-looking flowers," a "perpetual miasma of deliberately spooky mist", and also terraced cascades and a labyrinth. I bet it is a cool labyrinth like the one in the NIN video for The Perfect Drug, and not a lame one like some of the ones printed on canvas. CANVAS? Anyway, interesting story. I hope they do get permission to plant all the plants they want. I haven't heard of any other poison gardens open to the public (or at all, actually) that are on this scale. And if there is deliberately spooky mist, I must see it!

This next link is for Martina. She has been trying to shed herself of copies of Dracula for some time now. It doesn't help that I personally have probably given her four copies (they look cool, I can't remember if I gave her one already, etc. etc..). Anyway - now someone has done a blog where you can read Dracula according to its own internal calendar. Since almost the whole novel is in diary or letter form, this is quite doable and looks fun. I bet it rachets up the suspense, too, since you can't read ahead.
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