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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
I have added a flickr badge to this blog. I think it is cool - they now have it set up so you can make one based on a particular keyword. Right now I have chosen "red", although "green", "happy" and "trees" are on my mind. I can't decide if the coolnes and fun of it is worth the extra load time, though. Maybe if I made it just one picture instead of three - although I suspect it isn't the quantity that makes it slow.

ION, I have words due today on my WIP and we have the nicest weather we've had all year! As complaints go, it is hardly worth mentioning since it is in the "my diamond shoes are too tight" category. But still.

I went crazy last night downloading cover songs. So far, I prefer the original El Scorcho to all pretenders, but the String Tribute to Weezer version is also pretty fun. I like covers. At first I was going to say particularly covers of songs I like but don't love, but then I remembered the crazy Pipilotti Rist version of Wicked Game - so I have decided instead to say that like any song, covers must be taken in on their own terms.

edit: I removed the flickr badge, but if they figure out a way to make it zippier I will be all over it. Maybe because it was pulling from such a huge pool? I don't know. It would be faster if it were just selecting from my own pictures, but I like the random element. Anyway. I'll just continue posting pictures in this section and pine away for speedy side-bar goodies.

PS: the Travis cover of Be My Baby is pretty dang good. I understand they've gone all hippie-jam-bandish now, which makes me sad.
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