Assassination Vacation

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Thursday, May 26, 2005
by Sarah Vowell (#15)

Sarah Vowell loves American history, and for this I love Sarah Vowell. A lot of people think that history is boring; that history is what you slept through before the bell rang and you could go to lunch. BUT NO! It can be so thrilling it inspires weirdos (I say that with fellow-weirdo affection) to run all over the eastern United States visiting places and objects related to presidential assassinations. She covers the Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley assassinations in this book and takes the reader to places that they maybe never thought they would go (from the utopian free-love Oneida Community to Sandy Cohen on the O.C. for one). What I especially enjoyed is that she is able to write with great humor, but never loses sight of the tragedy of these events. The Lincoln section is the longest, but honestly - Garfield and McKinley should be glad they got as much as they did.

There are too few writers who can get at what makes history zing and whip around like the best novel ever. Sarah Vowell is one of them.
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