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Sunday, May 08, 2005
Yeah - I have got to get busy on my nano project! A while back I was blithely saying, "I want to have it done enough to show *somebody* besides my critique partner by July." Well - guess what? I have been just noodling around and not getting busy AT ALL. Because I suck. I've done a little, but not as much as I should. I am going to try the age-old technique of shaming myself into action by posting this word count doodad I found on these here internets. I had to pick a word count GOAL - I picked 60,000, even though I suspect that I may ultimately need to be closer to 75k. I will change it if I need to. I have already written 50K for nano - but this is the "re-writing everything because it is all so very sucky" phase. I don't think all hope is lost, I just need to put some time in. Wish me luck.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,424 / 60,000
2 comments on "So Says I"
  1. I like the shame counter!
    does it work?

  2. I think it will work!! I just have to be consistent about it and keep my shame on the front-burner. I will probably post updates every other wed/thurs which is when I have my own little internal deadline (that I have been blowing off regularly - witness: trip to fresno, company, etc.). SO LAME. but the shame counter is nifty, so getting to use it will be an encouragement!


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