To Sir Phillip, With Love

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Monday, May 16, 2005
by Julia Quinn (#14)

He's a noble botanist-widower with two wild children, she's a letter-writing spinster with 8 siblings... They fight crime!
OK, they don't fight crime. But they have sexy adventures! OK, they don't really have adventures. But there is a little botany.

I would read more titles by this author - as is often the case when a main character has many, many siblings who are named, there are many more matches to be made (or already made - I'm not sure where in the Bridgerton order this book comes)in this family by this author. She has fun with the titles An Offer From a Gentleman, The Vicount Who Loved Me, The Duke and I, How To Marry a Marquiss, To Catch an Heiress,etc. This was light, fast, and enjoyable reading. edit: although I was just reading something over at Smart Bitches and was reminded that this book did deal with depression and an abusive nanny (although she was dealt with pretty quickly) - so it's not all botany,crime fighting, sunshine and puppies.
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