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Monday, May 23, 2005
I think I may have entered the next phase of project pursuit. I am never sure what brings about these periods of accomplishment (or expected accomplishment, as I haven't accomplished anything YET) - but I know I had better jump on it with both feet or it will skitter away.

Up and coming projects for me: go through and cull books and junk. The junk shouldn't be so hard, and the books not so hard as I once would have thought. At one point in my life I would have said I could never get rid of a book - but I've decided that perhaps I don't need to keep a bunch of paperbacks I bought for a quarter each 13 years ago. Just maybe I can let some of those go - at least the ones I read once and will never read again. This is all in aid of Project Bookshelf. I think I am going to put up some brackets and standards on my wall to make shelves. I will get rid of the two bookcases I have sitting in that spot currently. It will be a lot more actual shelf-room, plus it will be less stuff on the floor, which is good. I will probably paint the shelves, which leads me to project two:

Sand and paint dresser. It is currently sponge-painted different shades of blue and has white ceramic knobs. There is nothing wrong with any of this, except I am sick of looking at it and there are some chips in the paint on the corners.

That really ought to cover it for current painting/building type projects. At least for now. I still have a floor cloth in mid-stages of finishing, but my heart's just not in it at the moment. My heart and my head both want to make this bookshelf thing work so that I have room to put all of my CDs away without having to have them in 13 places. (long, boring story - not that a long boring story would normally deter me from telling it, but I am tired and want to read the last couple chapters of Assassination Vacation.)
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