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Friday, January 19, 2007
In honor of the weekend, a list! (I know, I know, it might as well be "in honor of breathing, a list.")

some cool links:

indexed: boing boing linked to this blog sometime last week -- I love it! She makes deceptively simple but smart diagrams and charts on index cards. It's cooler than it sounds.

Normal Room: Normal rooms from regular people all around the world. Strangely compelling.

Poe Tribute: How much do I love that someone is still leaving cognac and roses on Edgar Allan Poe's grave every year at his birthday? A lot.

random tv:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: You know what? That musical episode is still really good.

The OC: I am going to miss this show! I kind of hate that they're having to squeeze everything left into four episodes, but when I think about it, they've always tied things up quickly. I'm just sad because they're tying them up FOREVER. Did they at least make it to syndication? Will I be able to turn on the TV to a random channel at 2AM and wonder anew how Marissa got such a big bottle of vodka into such a tiny purse?

Men In Trees: I like this in spite of myself. It's like a cross between Sex and the City (which I never really watched, so I guess it is like my idea of Sex and the City) crossed with Northern Exposure. Relationship Girl meets Quirky Town. I am annoyed by it in principle, but somewhat charmed by it in practice -- certainly better than the reverse. I like it but do not love it. If I never saw another episode I wouldn't be too fussed.

Ugly Betty: It goes crazily over the top, but that's what telenovelas do! The crazy just points out how decent Betty is. She's a good person, but not noble and irritating. I love her. (Marc is my second favorite -- he's neither decent nor noble, but he makes it work.)

random recent (to me) movies:

40 Year Old Virgin(2005): I almost didn't watch this because two good friends despised it and I hate humiliation comedies. (Meet the Parents is what they show on continuous loop IN HELL.) On the other hand, some sensible people liked it and being stupid and crass is not an automatic deal-breaker for me -- witness my enduring affection for Dude, Where's My Car. Also contributing, one of the two friends who hated it confessed that she later saw it on cable and changed her mind. I decided to give it a shot. Despite the first 40 minutes or so which were ROUGH, it turned out to be pretty sweet. A sweet movie with a lot of dick jokes, but a sweet movie nonetheless. I think what saved it for me is that the title character (Steve Carell, I heart you!) was so inherently DECENT -- I never felt like the purpose of the movie was his abject humiliation.

Trouble in Paradise (1932): This movie is so delightful! It's been a few weeks since I watched it now, but I found it as the result of some random library "Lubitsch" searching. (recommended! I can't wait to do it again.) Trouble in Paradise is often referred to as sophisticated, and I don't think that's just because of the tuxedos and the lack of dick jokes. It's an adult movie -- things are complicated and twisty and there's no easy a-ha! answer to the problems encountered. There's a pair of thieves who are by no means rehabilitated and a realistic love triangle without a glaringly obvious solution. Of course that makes it sound like medicine or otherwise un-fun, which is a problem because it is completely charming and very funny. I think what I like best is how humane this movie is. Sure, it's set in a rarified world of international jewel thieves and heiresses, but the problems they're dealing with are not heiress or jewel-thief problems, but people problems (with better clothes). Plus there's great art deco detailing and amazing Travis Banton gowns throughout! I think I'll watch it again before I return it. (This was the Criterion DVD which had some great extras and commentary.)

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944): More Betty Hutton! She makes me laugh and laugh. This Preston Sturges movie is crazy, and that's no lie, but it's the best kind of crazy. In a bout of, um, patriotic zeal (via partying), Trudy Knockenlocker finds herself married and pregnant, but she can't remember the name or location of the soldier she married. Complications and confusions ensue! It is very convoluted, but hilarious. This has much more over the top lunacy than The More the Merrier, which was made a year earlier. I really like over the top lunacy in these kinds of movies. I can't help it.

The More The Merrier (1943): More patriotism (but no implied naked patriotism) -- Connie Milligan knows that living quarters in war-era Washington DC are at a premium, so she sublets half of her apartment. An eccentric billionaire tricks his way in (of course!) and then proceeds to secretly sublet half of his half to a handsome military man. Guess what happens next? This movie was fun, but lacked the zany Out There quality of Morgan's Creek. (So if screwball zany is not to your liking, heretic, but you still like funny, this would be a good choice.) I enjoyed it, but it didn't give me that extra ZAP of happiness that my very favorites do. (Jean Arthur, Charles Coburn, and Joel McCrea are all excellent, though.)
4 comments on "can you dig it?"
  1. There is a musical Buffy episode? I guess if that were true it could ruin a lot of surprises! As far as the OC, I love it. I mean you and Rebecca were/are so right about it. "Welcome to the OC bitch!" I couldn't imagine a better line. Ever.

  2. oh, I don't think the fact of the musical ruins any surprises! It's not like I typed out the lyrics.

    You should watch season one OC to help speed your recovery!

  3. The Buffy musical is indeed still great .. did you see the musical "Scrubs" the other night? .. It was shockingly good too

  4. No, I missed it! I hope they show it again sometime soon. I bet they had a great time with it -- the little bits I saw in ads looked like a lot of fun.
    (thanks for stopping by)


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