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Monday, January 08, 2007
Glinda of Oz

**I am so tired of adhesive on my face! It's just band-aids now, but they are making me CRAZY with the itching and the sticky. analysis: I am a whiner.

**I haven't actually witnessed it myself, but I have heard tell of a livejournal/blog meme going around about watching 100 movies in 2007. I totally fell for the 50 books in 2005 thing -- the timing was right for me. Maybe I'll try the movie thing too. I love movies, films, CINEMA, whathaveyou, but got away from it for a long time. [for such a stupid reason! I let someone steal my joy. New motto: You can pry my joy from my cold dead hands, but I wouldn't try it due to the whole zombie revenge thing. Okay, maybe that's a little long for a motto (although I would enjoy seeing it done in needlework).] analysis: Stupid reasons factor too heavily in my decision making processes (conscious and unconscious).

**I LOVE classic children's book illustrations. My dad had many of the Oz books from his own childhood when I was growing up -- my sister and I were encouraged to read these tattered family treasures, but since they were so fragile we had to do so sitting at the dining room table. (this was a huge divergence from our usual reading anywhere/everywhere/upside down / while swimming/riding bikes/etc. methods.) I have always been in love with Ozma's poppy headdress -- so stylish, and I imagine it would keep your ears warm. Ozma was always one of my favorites since she had DARK HAIR (and her own army) in a literary world of blonde little girls -- yeah, Dorothy, Alice, Trixie... I'm lookin' at you.analysis: I heart books, poppy crowns, and illustrations. I may also want my own army.

**Yesterday I spent the afternoon going through my closet culling out stuff that doesn't fit or is hideous or just doesn't work for me anymore. I tried on EVERY SINGLE item hanging in there and it was surprisingly un-torturous. In fact, it was sort of fun. I even got it all put away without having a pile of clothes on the floor. analysis: I can't believe I forgot about my skull skirt! Also, no more corduroy jackets for me.

**I also read about a Photo A Day thing for the new year that sounded interesting, but I don't think I have it together enough to participate. Maybe a three photos a week thing... analysis: it's okay to adapt things to your own purposes, nefarious or otherwise.
2 comments on "list (with zombies)"
    I am still in love with them so if you have any that are not orange, green, purple or olive, please do not give them to goodwill, give them to your old pal Leslie! My rainbow is incomplete! Also, your skull skirt is awesome!

  2. Oooh, you are making me reconsider!! I only have three, which seemed like a lot. But I don't have an orange one! or a purple one! or a green one! (I have hot pink, which I am getting rid of because it is too big (and therefore of no use to my old pal Leslie), burgundy, and a peacocky colored one.) ORANGE! I did find a great orange sweater I'd forgotten about, though...


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