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Monday, January 22, 2007
bridge and lower falls
I had a pretty great (if low-key) weekend. Saturday was sunny for my walk, then I went on a drive up to Multnomah Falls with my mom and sister. Even though every tourist in the state was there and it was cloudy and overcast, it was still beautiful and a little bit frozen. This outing was followed by watching Mrs. Henderson Presents, which I enjoyed. The problem came with sleep. Maybe I got too hot, maybe I had too much caffeine, maybe I'm just losing it -- but I had a nightmare about an index card and couldn't get back to sleep. It was terrifying! I don't remember all the details, but someone was trying to get me to do something and I was refusing, so they had this index card (with a drawing on it) in a checkbook style thing and flipped it open in my face with full knowledge that this would scare me into submission. What they were not expecting was that even though I was terrified, I was NOT going to do whatever it was. I was so scared of this stupid index card that was in my face, but I licked it (this somehow broke the spell) and then woke up and was unable to get back to sleep. On the one hand, way to go subconscious getting over yourself and figuring out a way to literally lick problems. On the other hand, I am really tired! And what if it's post-its tonight? I can't be fighting office supplies in my dreams night after night!

Today I had a fun outing with my sister and Anonymous Tara. We went to low-key shopping and tried a bunch of stuff on in the communal dressing room. I used to hate this idea, but there's more room and your friends can give you the "that is hilariously unflattering" or "hey, that looks pretty good" info without having to negotiate a lot of knocking on dressing room doors, etc. I didn't buy anything, but I got some good ideas. Then we had an impossibly huge lunch. Mucho fun! The perfect ending to this weekend would be index-card free dreams. Wish me luck.
6 comments on "index card insomnia"
  1. Where did you have the huge lunch? What did y'all have? i wish you luck in being able to sleep. I just wish, for me, that vicodin put me to sleep as opposed to keeping me to sleep. Which means I will be up until 2 or so and then at 10 I will try to get up but want to stay abed. I know it sounds lucky and all but when Erich is not around to help me get out of bed it can now take me almost 20 minutes to stretch out and stuff. I know, I am being a punk but I do believe that women have a naturally higher tolerance for pain. And since I am not a woman...I will suffer in loudness.

  2. Too funny about Mrs. Henderson. We just watched it the other night too. I thought it was pretty good as well.

    Re: Your dream, I think what you need is one of those dream fireplace lighters. That way the next time someone menaces you with office paper, you can do the dance of evisceration and turn it to ash. That way you can get back to the important stuff like dreaming of chocolate, monkey butlers, and finding huge pots of money on the street.

  3. BBD -- we went to Red Robin. I have a quarterly craving for a banzai burger, and the time was NIGH. As for women having a higher tolerence for pain.... is this some baby birthing bullshit? Because I know some women who have a very low threshold for pain. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have the right to suffer in loudness too! Don't oppress my right to complain loudly based soley on my gender. hee. Anyway, I'm so sorry you're still in pain! Does it feel like it's getting any better at all?

    Martina -- I know that people were half-naked most of the time, but I loved the CLOTHES! good tip on the dream fireplace lighter. I conquered it with my tongue, which sounds weird but it WAS a dream so I'm not going to fuss about it too much. Oddly enough, I don't dream of monkey butlers very often. Why is that, I wonder? hee hee.

  4. I did not mean to say that you were not entitled to pain. I just meant to say that I am a total baby when it comes to pain. Red Robin? Really? That place is so loud. And not in a drag queen way.

  5. My back pain, after a week, is finally going away. I just have to remember that I should not lift anything. Even putting dishes into the dishwasher can be painful. But I hate that part. I want to do things already!

  6. yeah, RR is definitely noisy and not especially soothing, but I had THE CRAVING (and my sister did too, but for something else) and anonymous Tara was kind about it, even after I spilled a drink all over the floor in an effort to fish out some lemon. It was not pretty. But it was tasty.

    I'm so sorry about your back! I think you're in the worst stage of recovery -- you FEEL better, but you're not quite all better yet. It makes everything 1000 times more frustrating.


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