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Sunday, January 28, 2007
get well flower portrait
no flash

with flash

The sun is shining, the day is beautiful, and even though I don't have much ready to post right now (soon!) I thought the top of this page could use some color. Here are two pictures of a get-well flower that a lovely friend gave me Thursday. Isn't the color difference insane? I think I prefer the creamier look of the no-flash picture, but the pink pink pink of the flash one is awfully fun.
4 comments on "flasher"
  1. I do not like roses, in general, for reasons I will not go into here, but the photo color, WOW. So vibrant and lovely.

  2. OK, this is not the correct place to say this, but I watched Finding Nemo and I sort of loved it. I guess I am getting old(er).

  3. I love the color, too! (I have rose issues as well, although mostly florist roses. Roses that have fragrance and actually grow in the ground opposed to being created in a lab are fine by me. but even though this one was probably created in a lab by a florist somewhere, (evidence supporting: baby's breath), it was a very sweet gesture and time was taken to pick out a lovely one. It was a "feel better" gift and I do indeed feel better!)

    Finding Nemo: I liked the seagulls okay, but damn Disney -- can't you make a cartoon without a dead mother one of these days? (note: I watched it a long time ago and I may have not been in the most animation recpetive mood.) You know what's a fantastic animated movie? Spirited Away.

  4. I agree about Disney always killing off the mother's. It is strange. But...I actually was so involved with the movie while watching it that I lost track of time. That was a great gift as lately all I can seem to do is have morbid thoughts and I am starting to miss people that are still here. Sometimes I really hate my brain. As far as roses go, if they are a gift then they rock. If they are something that someone just grabs...forget it. Bring me a nice "mixed" bouquet. But as long as they smell good then all the better.


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