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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
dogs love it
yesterday at the park

top of sled hill
today on the way to the library

SNOW! We had lovely beautiful snow yesterday, and tonight it seems like things will be melting without major icy repercussions. (translation: the places I need to go are not icy.) Hooray! I walked down to the library today because I had holds waiting for me. (I am not even joking when I say this is exciting.) I could have probably driven with minimal trouble, but getting out in the snow was more fun. Plus, walking took longer, and this morning it was crucial that I get Out of the House or I was going to Lose My Mind (more on that in a moment).

I'm so glad I did walk! The steepest hill had been completely taken over by sledders who were having contagious fun PLUS I got to see three very stylish snow persons (one boy, one girl, one gender undetermined). I also got a blister, but that's a small price to pay considering my lovely purple docs did not skid or slip even a little bit. All this fresh air and exercise helped me to come home with a more positive attitude to my sweet Aunt C., who was trapped here overnight because of the weather. I love my aunt. She is one of the kindest and well-meaning people I know. However, she is also a raw-food enthusiast who told me "Jesus is the only anti-depressant" and works on what I like to call an Alternate Universe Genealogy. Don't get me wrong -- I love family histories and stories of ancestors, particularly the malcontents and screw-ups. But ... well... this time she's searching for elusive connections to the court of Elizabeth I. Of course no new "discovery" will ever top the great Wizard Connection. Forget Daughters of the American Revolution, fellow Daughters of Merlin, I salute you! Why limit yourself to history when the whole wide world of mythology awaits? The roads cleared enough that her ride was able to come fetch her, so I hope that she's happily searching for ladies in waiting or famous sorcerers from the comfort of her own living room by now.
15 comments on "snow wizards"
  1. Super cool black and white in that top photo, you snow wizard you.

  2. Yes, snow is good. But vicodin after you fall in the snow? Even gooder.

  3. Jen - you're related to Merlin?! That explains a LOT!

    BBD - Vocodin?? what happened to the Arnica?

  4. I needed something to go along with Arnica. I just have to remember not to lift anything. I swear to gosh that I feel like a very old person. Like in their 100's or something.

  5. Merlin? How..."festive"? I love it when my family tells me my history and then can't really back it up. I guess I shouldn't need proof, but it would be nice. And isn't it great that the Mormons keep track of such intel? Not that I "come from" Mormons, mind you. Just Lutherans and Catholics and Christians. The usual.

  6. Thanks, Billy! Although the picture is color -- the day was black and white.

    BBD - Vicodin, my old friend! Does it make you sleepy? It made me sleepy. I'm sorry if my snow stories brought back any bad snow-fall memories. I hope you are feeling 1000x better. You don't look like you're in your 100's...

    So Leslie, are you saying you now have an explanation for my long cloak/pointed hat with stars wearing ways? and the cursing?

    I had to look up Arnica -- it's made from Leopard's Bane, which grows in the front yard! But not until May. I really hope you feel better soon, Daniel.

  7. D'oh! Daniel you posted while I was answering... yeah, Merlin is my all time favorite, even surpassing King Arthur, who at least had the potential of being an actual, you know, PERSON. (oh -- my sister reminded me that Aunt C. also thinks we're related to Clive Owen. Because CO was in that King Arthur movie and our last names are so similar!)

    My mom does a lot of genealogy and there are fascinating stories aplenty without having to hitch the wagon to Arthurian Wizards. (although it is OBVIOUS I am somehow tied to that story because my name is Jennifer, which everyone knows is a knock-off of Guinivere, which my parents OBVIOUSLY gave me to honor my round table heritage and not because they were Donovan-loving hippies who thought it "sounded pretty." [my mom also swears that it was not that common at the time --- apparently millions of other hippie moms thought the same thing.])

    Anyway, yeah. Maybe you're related to merlin too and we can be wizard cousins.

  8. I think that the worst of the back pain is over. Knock on wood, of course. I think that when it snows again I will be respectful of it but still try to enjoy it. Vicodin doesn't make me tired right away but after a few hours I am so tired that I do not want to get up. I know that things could always be worse, but they could also be better. Clive Owen? Unsure of that person. I am supposedly related to Martin Luther and the Bradfords on the Mayflower. I guess that would mean I am related to the Mayflower Madam? That wouldn't surprise/bother me.

  9. Clive Owen, from "Closer" with Jude and Julia and Natalie? If that is him I love him. His face is all crooked and stuff...and he is a great performer. If you are his kin I would like to meet him. And be all gushy and stuff. I like vicodin.

  10. I think Clive's best movies are Gosford Park and Croupier, but then I didn't see Closer so I don't know. (although I can't imagine it being better than either one of those.) I know you are reading through vicodin colored glasses, but I would like to reiterate that all claims of kith and kin are those of my crazy aunt. That goes for Clive AND Merlin. And king arthur, and countless others that I will spare you from.

  11. Closer was actually pretty amazing. I do not remember him from Gosford Park but I do know that I saw it and I enjoyed it.

  12. re: b & w -- that's what i MEANT!

  13. Daniel, how can you not remember Clive from Gosford Park? He was HOT LIKE THE SUN and a large part of the story revolved around him.

    Billy: uh huh. No, really... I believe you!

  14. What part did Clive play in Gosford Park? Oh. Was the "big" secret about him and someone else?

  15. Yeah -- his name was Robert Parks, I think. He was the HOT LIKE THE SUN valet with the don't give a damn attitude. You should watch it again. I should watch it again! (I know this may sound weird, but I've seen it several times now and I like it better each time.)


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