Fables Vol 6: Homelands

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Saturday, January 06, 2007
by Bill Willingham
More big fun from the Fables franchise. The first half of this book is about Jack (you know, Jack Horner, Jack of the Tales, Jack be nimble, Jack and the beanstalk) -- the blond troublemaker/ con artist who always takes the shortcut and always gets his ass handed to him as a result. Jack decides to leave Fabletown (because they don't appreciate him there) and move to Hollywood to seek the fame and respect he thinks he deserves. He becomes a big mover and shaker (thanks to a huge pile of stolen Fabletown money) and starts his own studio. Things, as you might imagine, don't go well for long.

The second half of this collection deals with the ongoing story of The Adversary. Blue (Little Boy Blue, who's not so little, here) comes into his own going deep into enemy territory. He has what they call the Jabberwock's Bane (the vorpal sword!) so the words "snicker-snack" appear a satisfying number of times as he fights his way to The Adversary... whose identity is revealed! (But I won't say who it is.) Anyway, there's no Snow or Bigby or Rose Red in this one, but we get to spend time with some of the previously minor characters and some new (to the series) characters -- Mowgli, Bagheera, the Snow Queen. To sum up: fairy tales, vorpal sword, a lot of fun.
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  2. I liked this episode. I think they have an 8th one available so I now have 2 to request. I picked up Icelander yesterday and will start it after I finish Rednecks & Bluenecks: The Politics of Country Music. I can not recall why I reserved that book but I am enjoying it. After that Bill Bryson book to read but it isn't a narrative; it is called Bryson's Dictionary of Troublesome Words.

  3. I also saw that #8 was available! I am torn... on the one hand, I'd like to be all caught up. On the other hand, once I'm caught up I have to WAIT impatiently for the next installment. (I know it's waiting either way, but it is different, I swear.)

    I have about 5 things I am desperate to be reading right now, so what am I doing instead? Culling my closet! Please consider signing up for my seminar: How to Avoid Having Fun.

  4. How to Avoid Having Fun? Do you need a co-instructor?

  5. YES! There are so many methods of Avoiding Fun, we can be sure to cover most of the bases this way. And then YOU can do the infomercial.

  6. Infomercial? We can co-host the heck out of that.


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